29 September 2021 29 September 2021

Polypropylene thermoforming from Stark Partner

Stark Partner, a company in the Plast-Box Capital Group, a manufacturer of plastic packaging, has started the process of shifting from polystyrene (PS) to polypropylene (PP) materials in its thermoforming technology. It involves the modification of certain product models and new investments needed to comply with the changing regulatory requirements aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

New legal regulations limiting the use and sales of single-use plastic for which alternatives are available favour the implementation of new solutions by Stark Partner, and are in line with the circular-economy strategy being pursued by the Plast-Box Group.

As a result of top-down restrictions on certain categories of single-use products, we receive enquiries from the market about the possibility of implementing new solutions. Many of our clients have big ambitions in terms of effecting a sustainable-development policy. We can help them achieve their goals by providing the appropriate packaging solutions. So, we have already decided to launch the process of moving away from PS, and have started preparations for the first PP projects in the thermoforming process,” says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast Box Group.

The programme covers various sizes of packages, from small to large capacities, which are perfect for storing and transporting various kinds of foodstuffs, e.g. ice-cream (artisanal and mass-produced ice-cream, ice-cream roulades, impulse ice-cream), dairy products (e.g. yoghurt, cream, cream cheese, margarine, butter), and fish and fruit preserves (e.g. jams, marmalades and salads).

Stark’s latest initiative is the result of Plast-Box Group’s ongoing commitment to promoting sustainability. The Group is continuously developing innovative packaging which can be fully recycled or reused, optimises every material in the production process, and provides alternatives to problematic plastics.

We are changing the image of packaging to meet the challenges of an evolving world. We are responding to societal expectations, and regulatory and market changes, and are firmly committed to working towards a circular economy. Thanks to the values we have adopted, we are constantly setting new challenges for ourselves and our customers, the aim of which is to use packaging of a more-circular nature,” concludes Artur R. Skonieczny.