Containers for ice cream

The ice cream containers we produce are recognised by leading brands in the food industry, who appreciate their excellent quality and functionality. Our extensive product catalogue offers a variety of ice cream containers that meet the highest standards of both aesthetics and practicality.

Each ice cream container in our range has been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure that customers not only enjoy an attractive appearance, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. We strive to make our packaging both eye-catching and sustainable.

We provide our customers with high quality ice cream containers that are manufactured using both thermoforming and injection moulding technology. Both of these production processes guarantee the excellent quality and durability of our packaging. Thermoforming technology allows us to create containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, while injection moulding enables precise detailing and ensures a perfect fit of the lid.

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We listen to the needs of the market when designing our ice cream packaging. Every ice cream container we produce is food safe, does not affect the taste or quality of the ice cream, protecting it from external factors such as moisture or oxidation. Different capacities allow recipients to choose the optimum container for themselves. The ice cream containers and ice cream boxes we produce are made from high quality materials that meet the highest standards. Every ice cream container and ice cream box we produce is part of our ecological strategy.
Sustainable ice cream packaging meets the expectations of today’s consumers. We focus on packaging that minimises the negative impact on the environment.

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