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General information


Detailed information

Height [mm]
Term of validyty

Logistics information

Position in box
Pieces in pillar
Pillars in box
Pieces in box
Boxes on pallet
Pieces on pallet
Inner packaging
Aseptically bag made of polyethylene, intended for food contact.
External packaging
Corrugated cardbox
Box dimensions [mm]
(lenght x width x height)
Layers on pallet
Boxes in single layer
Pallet dimensions with goods [mm]
(lenght x width x height)
Gross weight of pallet [kg]
Cardbox description
A label with the name and quantity of the product, the product code given by the manufacturer, the name and address of the manufacturer's headquarters, production date, batch number, brigadier number and operator number.
Storage conditions
Storage room clean, dry, without foreign smells, free from rodents and insects, without sunlight. Ambient temperature -40°C to +40°C, humidity <90%. Storage packaging on pallets in cartons tightly sealed with polypropylene adhesive tape.

Quality informations

No mechanical damage or foreign objects, no discoloration and no clearances. Packaging in accordance with the given dimensions, no warping, smooth surface.
Characteristic for raw material. It does not give off smell that may affect the product.

Legal basics

In compliance with current legal acts (Declaration of Compliance)
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