11 April 2022 11 April 2022

STARK Partner expands its offer for spring

STARK Partner, a company of Plast Box Group, a manufacturer of plastic packaging, expands its offer with novelties dedicated to the food industry, including the dairy industry. One of them is a lid with a wooden spatula, which is a product response to the EU SUP directive. Another is an ice cream cone lid, with an option to produce it from rPET material containing recyclates.

Modernized forms of classic lids are not only a response to new EU regulations. It is also another step in the implementation of Plast Box Group’s environmental policy. The manufacturer added a spoon made of birch wood to the classic lid, drawing inspiration from nature. This element implements the principles of SUP, and at the same time fits in with current trends in design. As a versatile material with excellent properties, wood is widely used in various industries. Now it is gaining importance also in the packaging sector. A spatula made of this material is safe for the user, hygienically seated inside the lid and approved for food contact. Its most important feature is biodegradability. For the consumer, the spoon is an additional asset, making it easier to eat the dessert sold in a cup – without the need to use one’s own cutlery or cutlery from the bulk packaging available in stores.

The second product – a lid for ice cream cones, has a standard size, making it a perfect complement to the paper part of the packaging. It effectively protects the top of the product from damage during transport, storage and keeping in freezers at points of sale. Transparency increases its marketing value – thanks to this the consumer can see the content of the packaging at once. The lid is made of PET film, but it can also be produced from rPET material containing recyclates. It is an eco-friendly alternative to standard plastics, leaving a smaller carbon footprint in nature. It offers wide manufacturing possibilities and is approved for food contact.

These solutions are the result of long-term observations of the market, consumer behavior and analysis of legal regulations. We create our offer with the awareness that the economy needs practical and sustainable solutions at the same time. We are responsible for the entire logistical path of packaging, so in each phase of production we focus on making the most of our capabilities. As a result, we can respond quickly to new requirements and deliver advanced products to our customers on time – says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director at Plast Box Group.

The guarantee of safety of the above-mentioned packaging elements is the recently received by STARK Partner recommendation for BRC certification with the highest score: AA. This proves that the solutions introduced by the company to the market are of the highest quality. The food industry is developing dynamically and poses more and more new challenges for food manufacturers. Plast Box Group, as a partner in business, uses its production potential to take up these challenges on an ongoing basis. As part of its long-term strategy for sustainable development, the Group intends to launch new products that are environmentally friendly.