3 September 2020 3 September 2020

Plast-Box Group Increases Its Production Potential

The Plast-Box Group, the producer of plastic packaging, has completed an investment project related to the expansion of its production base in the subsidiary Stark Partner in Urszulin. The investment includes the separation and construction of a new production department with a social and accompanying infrastructure, as well as the equipping of it with a modern thermoforming machine. Thanks to this investment, a significant reorganisation of the technological cycle has been facilitated, which will definitely increase the Company production capacity by at least 50%. This project has seen the Group invest nearly PLN 3.5 million.

“As a result of the expansion, Stark has significantly increased its production potential, which will allow the Company to quickly finalise its plans related to the expansion of its product range”, says Grzegorz Pawlak, CEO of the Plast-Box Group. “The key to success in today’s market is a modern and flexible organisation in which innovation is written in its DNA. Such a Company is precisely what Stark Partner is, with all the advantages necessary to gain new markets with the expansion of the scale of its operations” affirms Mr Pawlak.

The completed investment will increase the flexibility of Stark’s production facility, preparing the implementation of further expansion, and the constant evolution of the brand’s portfolio. Forming on the latest generation thermoforming machine the creation of packaging from small to large dimensions, of various thicknesses, and of repeatable form and high quality. A great advantage is the ability to personalise the pattern to the individual needs of the client, as well as ultra-fast execution of high-volume orders thanks to the efficiency of 1 million pieces per day. The short production cycle and the use of multiple moulds also generate profitability on small-lot orders.

The new thermoforming machine ensures faster prototyping, which significantly speeds up the time-to-market of new packaging. In addition, it gives the freedom to choose the raw materials for forming, and great possibilities to produce various types of packaging, trays, plates, cups, lids, containers, etc., including those requiring very-high quality and dimensional accuracy intended for automatic filling lines. The investment is mainly directed to the food industry, including dairies, meat plants, delicatessen and catering outlets, and other companies in the horeca industry. The thermoforming machine is universal, so it will be perfect for the production of packaging intended for the chemical industry, e.g. industrial chemicals, gardening products.

“The quality of the services provided, the experience and equipment of our production plants, supplemented by the potential of the plant in Urszulin, all create a platform for the effective implementation of even-more complex projects, and providing our clients with flexibility in the fulfilment of orders. By increasing the production potential, we intend to gain market and production strength, enabling us to compete with the global players in this industry”, explains Artur R. Skonieczny, Commercial Director of the Plast-Box Group. “As part of the further dynamic development of the Group, we also want to maintain what has always been our strength: organisational flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to market needs and to meet the expectations of customers, both those with the requirement for large-scale products and those who place individual orders”, adds Mr Skonieczny.

The purchased thermoforming machine is energy-efficient, and ensures low rates of waste. The eco-efficiency of the device is in line with the Group’s priority business goals in the field of sustainable development.