As an experienced plastic packaging manufacturer with almost three decades of active industry experience, we offer our customers in the food sector high-quality product solutions that are safe for both consumers and the environment. Among others, we work for established dairy companies and ice cream manufacturers, whether they are largest, medium-sized or artisanal.

We are a capital group company

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What you can
gain from
working with us

Storage security

Personalised custom designs

Lightweight, durable and stable packaging

Loss reduction

Aesthetic appearance

Production quality controlled 24/7

Optimal delivery logistics

Recyclable packaging


We are an experienced food packaging supplier. As a manufacturer of plastic food packaging, we offer a whole range of products for the food industry. Our plastic containers will be ideal for your products.

In offer you will find PP containers and packaging.

Our customers are both Polish and foreign companies with different requirements. As an established manufacturer of plastic containers, we are able to meet these expectations thanks to our flexibility and production capabilities (long and short packaging series, unique customised products).

Plastic packaging manufacturers make food safety a priority. The production of our plastic packaging is carried out using food-grade raw materials. We test the packaging in the laboratory and control the production and supply chain. Our priority is to take the utmost care of the safety and quality of the products we offer, which is confirmed by our BRC certificate.

Find out if we are a good fit for you

Are you a food industry manufacturer? Plastic packaging for this market segment is an extensive part of our range. We offer packaging for the dairy industry, ice cream packaging, attractive containers and trays for the food service and delicatessen industry, as well as packaging for ready meals. Among our products you will also find an innovative ecological product, an ice cream lid with a wooden spatula.

Are you interested in packaging, trays or bowls? We have what you are looking for. We will customise packaging for ready meals and food service to your expectations and the products you want to package safely. We are a manufacturer of trays and packaging made using thermoforming technology.

Are you in the catering industry? Packaging and containers for takeaway meals are recommended for your attention. We also offer containers dedicated to healthy and ecological nutrition, sealable containers and packaging for sweet treats.

We also carry out the production of plastic packaging for the dairy sector, HoReCa, confectionery, fruit and vegetables and others.

Customised packaging Private packaging

We create unique packaging manufactured to individual order. We work comprehensively, from design to implementation, taking into account the requirements of our customers, market needs and current trends.

As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, we have the potential to offer an attractive solution for every customer working in the broadly understood food industry: from dairy products through the catering and food service industries to the fish industry.


We do not only work with large customers. To meet the needs of the market, for smaller customers we offer the sale of plastic packaging through wholesalers. This gives us the opportunity to fulfill more frequent orders in smaller batches.

our eco packaging

We create our product range with full environmental awareness. We develop sustainable solutions that are safe for both consumers and the environment, and manufactured with reduced raw material consumption. As a manufacturer of plastic containers, we offer recyclable packaging and ice cream lids with an attached wooden spatula (a response to EU directives).