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Stark Partner – Manufacturer of plastic packaging

Stark Partner has been operating on the market since 1995, and it became part of the Plast-Box Capital Group in 2018.


Stark specialises in the production of plastic packaging for ice-cream manufacturers and the whole dairy industry. Stark combines experience with a constant striving for excellence, which enables it to meet market expectations. The result is cooperation with many recognised brands. Among Stark's customers there are also smaller producers, who make ice creams using craft methods.

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With its comprehensive product range for the food industry Stark specialises in the production of packaging for companies in the food-industry sector. It supplies a wide range of solutions for dairy, ice-cream, and other food manufacturers.
In its cooperation with recognised brands Stark can demonstrate 25 years of experience in the food industry, which has imparted unique know-how in the field of food safety. Stark is a proven supplier of packaging for well-known companies, such as Grycan, Nestlé, Koral, and Froneri.
Products of the highest quality. The Company operates a quality-management system, compliant with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 22000:2005. The implemented procedures ensure the final product from Stark meets the expectations of the most-demanding customers.
State-of-the-art technologies. Stark focuses on State-of-the-art technologies. The production process makes use of thermoforming, IML, injection moulding, and labelling. This facilitates the fabricating of durable and aesthetic products to meet all customer expectations.

Private package

Stark offers unique packaging manufactured to individual customer specifications. From design to perfect delivery. Mindful of making the product effectively stand out on the shelf. The original solutions created by Stark become the property of the customer.
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Ice cream

The ice-cream packaging supplied by Stark is 100% neutral to the taste, smell, structure, and composition of the products stored in it. The innovative technological solutions implemented by Stark play a key role in maintaining the excellent quality and suitability of the products for consumption. See the full range

The dairy industry

Dairy products require a special approach during production and transporting, but also in households. The packaging must protect the contents from the external environment. The production technology used by Stark ensures the freshness and safety of dairy products.
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Other food products

This group of packaging products ensures product safety. Their advantages include: air-tightness, ergonomic shape, simple placing of the product in the packaging, and easy opening. An additional advantage is their transparency, which allows you to make the most of the advantages of ready-to-cook foods.
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Stark supplies a wide range of packaging manufactured using injection moulding and thermoforming technology.

Injection moulding allows the manufacture of products of the highest quality, in terms of both their aesthetics and mechanical properties.
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Thermoforming is a high-performance technology which facilitates the production of reliable packaging at attractive prices, available to a wide range of customers.
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