IML-In Mould Labelling

This technology makes it possible to combine the label with the packaging directly in the production process. IML enables the production of packaging and labels from the same material, which results in the product containing the highest quality in terms of aesthetics. At the same time, IML technology guarantees the durability of the packagingwhich is resistant, among others, to low temperatures, dirt, and moisture. This technology is also environmentally friendly – IML packaging is fully recyclable.

During the production process, an IML label is provided to the mould, where it is closed and the plastic is injected, which bonds the label to the moulded piece. The customer can place any design on the grid. Stark orders labels, but it is also possible for the customer to provide labels. In this technology, it is possible to change the product line quickly (change the model), which makes it possible to react flexibly to the changing customer needs.

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Thermoforming consists in thermal and pressure forming of film packaging.
It is a technological process in which rigid films, preheated to a specific temperature close to the softening temperature (characteristic for a given material), are used to form the packaging in specific shapes. Relatively simple, cheap and highly efficient processing makes thermoforming very popular amongst customers.

Stark is able to process very large orders overnight: 70, 100 or even 500 thousand pieces depending on the product line. Packaging manufactured using this technology is cheaper than injection-moulded packaging. Thermoforming enables production using various materials such as: polystyrene, PET, or polypropylene. The packaging is recyclable.

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Injection moulding

The plastic forming technique consists of injecting plasticised material into a mould in which it solidifies into a so-called moulded piece (moulder). Injection moulding is a cyclical process of processing plastics in granulate form.

Production of packaging using the injection moulding method provides a product with the highest quality both in terms of aesthetics and excellent mechanical properties. This technology is very suitable for the production of packaging for premium brands. At the same time it is ecological – the packaging is recyclable.

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Labelling allows to react flexibly to changing customer needs. It makes it possible to quickly change the product line without incurring additional costs and losing additional time.

Stark is able to label some ready-made thermoformed packaging (1l and 2l containers + lid). This allows each customer to purchase packaging with their own label design.

It is also possible to label the lid itself, or the lid and the container (with a small label on the bottom).

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