Private package

Stark offers unique packaging manufactured to individual customer specifications.
From design to perfect delivery. Mindful of making the product effectively stand out on the shelf. The original solutions created by Stark become the property of the customer.

Step by step, that is, the way to your own packaging:

Preliminary design

At the initial stage, the customer delivers his/her own design, which is developed by Stark, or on the basis of arrangements with the customer, Stark prepares the project on its own. Preliminary calculation and logistics are prepared, and possible colours are determined. 3D visualisation + technical drawing are also made. Stark sends the design of the packaging, in a graphic design program, which makes it possible to see it from any side, the technical drawing shows the dimensions.

Stereolithography model

At this stage, at the customer’s request, a packaging model from a 3D printer is ordered. This shows how the packaging will look like in reality. Stereolithography models are not made in the target colours.

Putting the design into production

Instrumentation is built – moulds and robotics. In the final stage, tests are performed. Only when the model has passed the tests successfully and met all the customer’s expectations, the final product is then created, which is put into serial production.

Customer-specific solutions

Stark offers comprehensive solutions in the field of packaging production technology: thermoforming, IML, injection moulding, labelling. Stark’s advantage is its own production of polystyrene film, which enables faster fulfilment of orders and quick testing of the new packaging.


Stark’s portfolio includes unique projects (e.g. a cup with a clover for the Mlekpol brand or packaging for Winiary instant soups). Machines are reserved for customers, which remain at their disposal, guaranteeing the continuity of production.

The time needed to launch a new product on the market ranges from 4 months to even a year, depending on the complexity of the design.